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Support for Hosts

Live shows are broadcast from the Verizon Room (123) in the basement of Townsend Hall on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

This information is for individuals who will be a Host for a live webcast.

Hosting a live show from a remote location

  • If you are hosting a live show via the telephone here are few tips to improve your listening experience, and the listening experience of the live audience who will be listening to the computer via the Internet.
  • Find a quiet location where you will not be interrupted by friends, co-workers or family.
  • If at all possible use a wired, not a wireless (or cell) phone. Do not use a speakerphone unless it is a high quality model designed for audioconferences (Polycom or equivalent).
  • Do not attempt to listen the live show on your computer. You will hear everything fine in your telephone receiver (or the headphones provided).
  • Try not to rustle papers near the phone or open microphone(s).
  • Follow the instructions you have been given on when to call into the Verizon room and what number to call. Or follow the instructions worked out in advance to be available at the location and telephone number you have agreed that the program technicians will call you on.
  • Let the technicians know if you can hear remote callers or remote guests so the technicians can adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Participating in a live show in the Verizon Room

  • Please arrive at the Verizon Room in the basement of Townsend Hall thirty (30) minutes prior to the beginning of the program.

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