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Welcome to EDgeTech!

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Q. EDgeTech? What kind of name is that? Is this a typo? Do you mean EdTech?

A. Nope, EDgeTech is correct.

Q. OK, I'll bite. What is it?

A. EDgeTech is a series of interactive webcasts featuring interviews with teachers who are doing interesting things with technology. These folks are on the 'cutting edge' of educational technology. Get it? EDge-ucational Tech-nology -- EDge Tech. Cool, huh?

Q. Yeah, sure. Who's doing it?

A. The School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri. Actually, a bunch of MU grad students put the thing together in their spare time.

Q. OK, OK. How do I find out who is being interviewed?

A. Just click on "Calendar". And if you miss an interview, click on "Archive". And then select the program you want, in the format you want - QuickTime or MP3.

Q. Do they do any live interviews?

A. One or two a week. You can call in a question if you want. The local phone number is (573) 884-3803. The toll free number: 866-768-5483.

Q. Hey. I've got an idea. I taught my pet snake to double-click the mouse on my computer. Do you think they will interview me?

A. Hmm, I don't think so.

To find out what you need on your computer to listen to EDgeTech Interactive Webcasts check out our Support For Listeners.

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